The main hazards on the Tideway between Wandsworth and Richmond


As part of your Level 3 test, you will be required to identify all the main hazards between Wandsworth Bridge and Richmond Lock, and know at what state of the tide they apply. You will also need to be able to describe what action you would take near each hazard.

You will need to imagine you are steering three different courses:

  • from Wandsworth to Richmond with a flood (incoming) tide;

  • from Wandsworth to Richmond against an ebb (outgoing) tide;

  • from Richmond to Wandsworth with an ebb (outgoing) tide

The list of hazards is below. Those marked “mandatory” must be identified in that section of the test in order to pass Level 3. We have also put together a Google map with them marked on - see below and click here for a larger version.

If you think we’ve missed any, please let us know at safety@thamesrc.co.uk.

Hazard High or Low Tide? Flood tide from Wandsworth Ebb tide from Wandsworth Ebb tide from Richmond (work up the list in reverse!)
Wandsworth Bridge Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Shoals at the mouth of the Wandle Low Mandatory
Hurlingham Pier High Mandatory Mandatory
Riverside Quarter pier and pontoons High Mandatory
Line of boats on Surrey High Mandatory
Moorings on Middlesex High Mandatory Mandatory
Fulham Rail Bridge Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Sailing club under Fulham Rail Bridge High
Putney Bridge Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Shoals on Middlesex Low Mandatory Mandatory
Putney Pier Mandatory Mandatory
Traffic at Putney Crossover Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Bishops Park Wall High
Line of boats (note the kink)
Black Buoy Mandatory
Kylies Rock and shoals downriver of Barn Elms Boathouse 1/4 Low Mandatory
Fulham flats Low Mandatory
Overhanging trees High
Disused pier on Middlesex Mandatory
Pier opposite Harrods High
Harrods Wall High Mandatory
Shoals before Hammersmith Bridge Low
Hammersmith Bridge Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Shoals and debris above Hammersmith Low Mandatory Mandatory
Dove Pier, all other nearby club piers and crossing boats High Mandatory
Dove Pier hazard warning buoy Mandatory
St Paul's hard Mandatory
St Paul's shoal Low Mandatory
Latymer and Sons of the Thames rafts, and crossing boats High
Chiswick Eyot High Mandatory
Shoals and spit above the Eyot Low Mandatory Mandatory
The drain Low Mandatory Mandatory
Moored boats above the Eyot High
Chiswick Pier High
Red buoy Mandatory
Oncoming traffic at crossover Mandatory
Green buoy High
Shoals on Surrey below Barnes Bridge Low Mandatory
Shoals below Civil Service Low Mandatory Mandatory
Barnes Bridge Low Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Storm drain outfalls by the White Hart
Green buoy
Oncoming traffic at crossover Mandatory
Red buoy
Shoals by the Ship Low
Shoal below Scullers Low
Chiswick Bridge Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Putney Town steps/hard Mandatory
Spit/shoals on Surrey (Sculler's Snag) Medium/Low Mandatory
Overhanging trees High
UL buoy Mandatory
Poles above UL (Petrol Pier)
Kew Railway Bridge Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Narrow fairway - 12.5m wide each lane Mandatory Mandatory
Shoals opposite Oliver's Ait Low Mandatory
Oliver's Ait
Current pushing boats to Middx
Harbourmaster's buoy
Restricted Zones Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Kew Pier and class V vessels Mandatory Mandatory
Kew Road Bridge Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Pontoons above Kew Road Bridge Low Mandatory Mandatory
Brentford and Lot's Aits High
Brentford Dock shoals Low
Walled banks High
Moorings and moored barge High Mandatory
Traffic at Syon Crossing Mandatory Mandatory
Shoals up to Pink Lodge Low
Isleworth Ait High
Pier and boats on the bend up to Richmond Lock High
Eddies near the lock High