Boustead Cup 2018

Saturday marked the 71st year of the Boustead Cup, our annual grudge match against London RC. This year saw races between club and vets 8s from the two clubs. Both our crews were feeling prepared after a strong week of training together.

With four Henley finalists from 2017 in the TRC club boat, the crew was confident and ready to take on the challenge of racing London’s 1st 8. After a decent pre-paddle and motivating pre-race chat, the guys rowed up from TRC to the start line at Chiswick Bridge.

Thames had a fantastic start and took the lead, but London came back strong, putting in an early push and moving ahead. By Barnes Bridge, London were a quarter of a length up, but Thames kept a strong pace and rhythm and responded well, pulling level just before the bend went in their favour. London appeared to then fall into a weaker patch and Thames took advantage. By the end of Chiswick pier, the Thames crew had open water, and continued to open the gap for the remainder of the race.

Boustead 2018.jpg

In the vets race, the first 45 seconds were tense, as London took an early lead. Thames responded well and made a push back. By Barnes Bridge, the TRC cox was on the bowman of the London crew, and 20 strokes later achieved clear water. The Thames crew continued to push, maintaining rate 35 for the first half of the race which allowed them to row confidently for the second half.

The results mean Thames retain the Boustead for the fifth consecutive year – an excellent result!