Upper Thames Autumn Head 2017

utah 2017.jpg

On a standard cool autumn day, some men’s 8’s travelled to Henley to have a blast up the track at the Upper Thames Autumn Head; an event we have frequented the last few years. These were the athletes not racing at Fours Head – essentially our 4th and 5th 8s, with four of last year’s novices in a 4-.

As the crews raced up the track, they looked okay and it seemed as if we might have done all right when the scores came out. This indeed proved to be the case when our two 8s were ranked first and second!

We asked them to go out and be even more aggressive on the second run and once again they came in first and second, giving us the four fastest times of the day. Indeed our time in the morning was not far off the record. Not bad for a crew containing seven new bods to the squad. The 4- had a fun time and made it up the course avoiding all obstacles, mobile and immobile. Just!