Fours Head 2015

On a day where the conditions nearly meant cancellation (the organisers held their nerve and the race was run, if a little bouncy) Thames took to the waves en masse.

With very little time in set crews and no real emphasis on this event we were not expecting fireworks, just a good squad showing from both men and women.

The womens IM1 4+ ‘A’ boat had a great row to beat OUWBC by 2 seconds. This made them the fastest women’s coxed four of the day and earned Bernice Cutler, Anna Tyndall, Cayley Firth and Hannah Stone with cox Nicky Shepherd a trip to the brewery. They were also the fastest women’s coxed four of the day beating both CUWBC crews racing in Elite.

Photo: Mark Ruscoe

Photo: Mark Ruscoe

The men’s IM1 4x contained three of the winning Thames Cup crew along with Samoan sculler Brad Jowitt. Despite Brad’s very recent return to training and all of two outings as a crew, they gave a superb account of themselves and finished 12th overall and second in their category behind half of Leander’s Ladies Plate group.

The men’s IM2 4+ were also second in their category, while the women’s IM2 4+ ‘A’ boat finished a very creditable third in their category as did the men’s senior 4-.

Full Thames results by boat within each category were:

1st – WIM1 4+

2nd – IM1 4x, IM2 4+

3rd – Sen 4-, WIM2 4+

5th – IM2 4+

7th – E4+, WIM1 4+ ‘B’

8th – IM1 4- ‘A’, WJun 4x

16th – WIM1 4x

23rd – Jun 4x

41st – IM1 4- ‘B’