Goldie fixture

On Saturday afternoon the men’s 1st 8 (with one rower from the 3rd 8 due to our biggest engine having Twickenham tickets) took on the CUBC reserve boat, Goldie, in two half-courses.

In the first piece, the start to the Blue Doors, Goldie on Middlesex led out. Thames took a lead between the Mile Post and Harrods and were starting to stretch away but a strong rally from Goldie brought them back in the closing stages, although Thames hung on for the win by a seat or so.

In the second piece, Goldie again led out but Thames used the bend advantage well and moved out to 1/2 a length lead by the RNLI station. However as the bend swung Goldie’s way the crews drew level and passing Thames Tradesmen Thames was over 3/4 of a length down. However the crew decided to really turn it on (at last) and on the outside of the bend clawed back much of the deficit with Goldie sneaking home 1/2 a length ahead. It was not the result we wanted but some very valuable lessons were learned in two very good, close races.

Earlier in the day the 2nd 8 took on St Pauls and came away with three wins from three pieces. Our 3rds had a series of great races with Henley RC 1st 8, coming away 2-1. The 4ths beat Warwick Uni in all three pieces. A busy, but highly productive, weekend. Thanks to CUBC, St Pauls, Henley and Warwick.