Hammersmith Head 2015

Decidedly better weather than what was forecast must have buoyed Thames Rowing Club, as they took to relatively fast water recently for the Hammersmith Head. The men, women and juniors were able to match the conditions recording some pleasing results in the lead up to the culmination of the winter season, the respective Heads.

The men were first off on the day and that’s where they remained, when the results were published that evening, comfortably the fastest crew on the day by 7 seconds. The women’s 1st VIII were able to match their male counterparts for the first time this year, recording that fastest time for a women’s crew. An impressive turn around after a below par performance at the Quintin Head a month ago.

The men’s 2nd VIII secured the Senior Pennant for the club after an aggressive row meaning only a strong Westminster School 8 split our top two crews, and we managed to put both 8’s ahead of the likes of Molesey’s Club 8. The 3rd 8 had a slightly ‘too good’ a row and were perhaps a bit comfortable in their approach, reflected by the fact that they were not that far ahead of their clubmates in the ‘mighty 4ths’.

The Men’s Novice 8 finished 2nd in class behind Westminster School, beating all other clubs, while the Women’s Novice 8 also finished 2nd, again behind a school!

The junior women’s squad are beginning to reap the benefits of a hard winter this weekend to place 2nd in the WJ18 quad, and to top that, the ultra-competitive J16 girls came home 1 second behind them to win the J16 title, beating all but two J18 crews in the process.

All told, a pretty solid day of racing with the main Men’s and Women’s Heads approaching!

Pennant wins:
Headship and Elite Men’s 8’s
Senior Men’s 8’s
Fastest Women’s Crew and Senior Women’s 8
J16 Women’s 4x