Pairs Head 2015

pairs head 2015.jpg

Pairs Head took place on 10 October: a standard tricky afternoon on the Tideway with clubs descending from all around the country to engage in some wacky races in small boats between Chiswick and Hammersmith.

While there were many tales of woe, we won the title outright after TSS were given a penalty. The hold-up on the start line, a toga party the night before affecting the strokeman, and it being a maiden voyage suggested that the rowing gods were smiling down on winners Ant Lester and Jamie Palmer, racing in IM2 2x.

Another win came for the youngsters of Oscar Bird and Orlando Nixon who took on all comers in IM1 2- in the barely-floating ‘Steed of Speed’. They won despite a variety of issues and it was a handy warm up for the Head of the Charles.

Other pairs had a tougher time of it. Plenty of clashing and rigger touching meant the elite and senior pairs missed out on pennants while the women, juniors and masters groups picked up a haul of second and third places.