Scullers Head 2014

The Scullers Head saw some 400+ scullers take the relatively tranquil waters of the ‘Championship Course’ at 0930 on Saturday. Amongst them a good contingent of TRC scullers, representing a wide range of the club. Anyone even attempting this race deserves some respect, no matter where you finish, but there were two pennant wins for the club as Jon Bale won IM3 Lightweight, with a finish positon of 31st, and Maddie Foster won women’s IM3.

Other notable results were:
Jamie Palmer, 2nd in IM3 finishing 21st overall
Larry Wells, 3rd in Elite, finishing 22nd overall (also Army RC)
Sally Hodgson, 3rd in Women’s IM3 Lightweight, 231st
Oscar Bird was 4th in the Junior Category, finishing 44th

Other competitors from TRC, in their finishing order within the club, were:
J. Burke
R. Dyer
R. Norey
B. McSweeney
H. Storey
M. Zammerit
C. Curtis
M. Panter
M. Santoro
J. Harris
J. Wainer
S. Redmond

Well done to all who took part and especially to Maddie and Jon!

scullers head 2014.jpg