Hammersmith Head 2014

On what was, for once, a fine sunny day, Thames Rowing Club took to the waters en masse again for Hammersmith Head. Raced from Chiswick Bridge to Hammersmith Bridge, and much like Quintin Head with most of the main Thames Valley clubs in attendance, it was a good test for a ‘reality check’.

The Men’s 1st 8 finished 2nd, again 4 seconds behind UL with Upper Thames, St. Pauls and Molesey behind. The 2nd 8 finished 6th, a fraction of a second behind Molesey’s top club 8 showing some good strength in depth. The 3rd 8 finished 20th, 2nd in IM28’s behind Lea Rowing Club while the 4th 8 finished 5th 8 in IM3 8’s, beating all clubs, losing only to 2 schools and 2 unis. Not a bad set of results given the numbers of people we were missing and many having to step up to the crew above but still plenty of work to be done before the Head in 3 weekends time.

The Novice men did well, finishing 16th out of 25th in IM3 8+ (they beat several IM2 crews on time also!).

On the women’s front the 1st 8 put up a stronger showing than they did a few weeks back at the Quintin Head, placing third overall behind Imperial and a Molesey/Putney Town composite. The 2nd 8 continue to punch above their weight finishing just 9 seconds behind the 1st 8 after a very neat and tidy row. The 3rd eight continued their strong run of form this season notching up yet another pennant win in the W.IM.3 division. The novice crew racing in the IM3 event showed great signs of improvement finishing 8th out of 17 in this category. All bodes well for the Women’s Head this coming Saturday.

Several pennants were won across the club, notably the Women’s ‘Senior’ Pennant, IM3 and the Men’s Masters ‘E’!