Metropolitan Regatta 2014

The Met was always going to be a step up from Wallingford in terms of competition with the universities present and this was indeed the case. The squad managed one victory in Men’s Senior 8’s, continuing their success after winning the Championship 8 at Wallingford, otherwise the weekend was mostly a string of placing’s in the finals with a huge number of 2nd places!

The next step is to convert the second places into wins when it counts! Reading regatta this weekends, and then Men’s crews will be racing at Marlow, and Women’s crews will be in action at Henley Women’s.

Notable results:

Senior Men’s 8+ – 1st
IM2 Men’s 8+ – 2nd
Elite Women’s 4+’s – 2nd & 3rd
IM1 Women’s 8+ – 2nd
Elite Women’s 2- – 2nd

Elite Men’s 4- – 2nd
Elite Women’s 2- – 2nd
Senior Women’s 8+ – 2nd
Senior Women’s 4+ – 2nd
Senior Men’s 1x – 2nd
IM1 Women’s 8+ – 2nd
Elite Men’s 2- – 3rd

Photo Mark Ruscoe

Photo Mark Ruscoe