Ghent, Notts City and the Ball Cup

W4x winning gold in Ghent

W4x winning gold in Ghent

The women's squad travelled to Ghent May Regatta and Nottingham City in early May for some more side-by-side racing.

Notts City 8 2019

In Ghent, the women picked up plenty of medals. They won gold in the W4x on Sunday and silver on Saturday, plus silver in the W2x and W4- both days and for the W8+ on Saturday, and and bronze in the W2x yesterday.

At Nottingham City Regatta, the W8+ and W4+ won their races in both the morning and afternoon. Other crews rowed hard and well and were up with the pack in all their races.

Over at Dorney, the juniors raced in the Ball Cup Regatta. Hannah won gold in JW16 1x and Tilda bronze in JW18 1x and another four crews raced in some close-fought finals, making it a good day out for a growing squad.

The men were also at Dorney on Saturday, testing their speed with some pieces against Eton ahead of the next couple of weeks' training before Met Regatta on 1/2 June.