Met Regatta 2019

The first weekend in June weekend saw sunshine at the Metropolitan Regatta and an opportunity for Thames crews to test speed ahead of Henley Women's and Henley Royal Regattas.

The regatta was positive with a series of good performances and wins in open 4- and open 2x on Sunday, as the top 4- and Zack and Matt produced solid rows to take the medals.

On Saturday, the women's 1st 8 was second in WChamp 8s with the 2nd 8 fifth, the top two clubs in the event. The women's 4+ was second in their tier 3 final, Zack was second in open 1x (tier 3) and Matt second in open 1x (tier 4). Junior Sasha came an excellent third in women's 1x (tier 3).

metregatta 2019 b.jpg

Other crews reaching finals on Saturday included the women's 4- and Lizzy in women's 1x (tier 4).

On Sunday, the women's 4+ stepped up to tier 2 and again finished second in a solid race. The women's 1st 8 was fifth in the A final of the challenge 8s event. Sasha and Lizzy again both made the finals of their respective events; another two 4-s reached the final of open 4-; and Thames also featured in the final of championship 4+s among other races.

Over in the US, Thames alumni Vlad Saigau and Orlando Nixon were part of the Yale crew which won the IRA Championships. Paddy Adams, rowing for Harvard, won bronze behind Yale and Washington.

Thanks to James Waller for the photos!