Level 0

Level 0 of the Thames Rowing Club Tideway steering certificate

 Level 0

Level 0 is the very first step on your steering journey, and you need to do this before you steer a Thames boat or drive a Thames launch for the first time, even if you’ve got lots of experience at another club or on another bit of river. It’s only reading, but please do take your time so that you really understand all of it. If you have any questions, just drop us an email on safety@thamesrc.co.uk.

In order to be certified at Level 0, you need to read the following documents:
Thames RC Safety Summary
Thames RC Club Safety Plan
Thames RC Emergency Action Plan
“Rowing on the Tideway” Code of Practice
British Rowing “Row Safe” leaflet
“Lessons For Rowers” from the Dove Pier incident (main body only)
“Coxing for beginners” (coxes and those new to the sport only)

You should also watch this video which shows how to do the emergency stop described in the Safety Summary. Please watch this even if you’re going to be coaching, as it is important you know what your crews should be doing:

Once you have read and understood all the above documents, please click HERE to email the Safety Committee to confirm this. You will then be permitted to steer club boats or drive a club launch.

At Level 0, you may only go out in good conditions, on a one-on-one coach-to-crew basis.