Level 1

Level 1 of the Thames Rowing Club Tideway steering certificate

 Level 1

Level 1 for coxes, steers and launch drivers consists of a multiple choice test online sat at the club or via Skype and supervised by an approved tester. For those that cannot do it online there is a paper alternative. To take the test please contact the Club Rowing Safety Adviser who will put you in touch with a suitable tester. You will also need to have completed the online basic risk assessment module on RowHow and emailed the certificate to safety@thamesrc.co.uk before being listed as Level 1.

Before your test, please revise the Thames Safety Summary and the Tideway Code. You might find this video presentation of the Tideway Code helpful as part of your preparation.

At Level 1, you may go out in good conditions as part of a coached group of boats. You may also go out in “Difficult Conditions” on a one-on-one coached basis, but only after performing a risk assessment with your coach before the outing.

You will need to develop the skill of doing your own risk assessments right from your first outing. “Difficult Conditions” count as any one of:

  • high stream;

  • high wind;

  • poor visibility (e.g. mist or heavy rain);

  • extremes of temperature;

  • beginner rowers;

  • the area downriver of Wandsworth Bridge.