Quintin Head 2014

Quintin Head was a great chance to test ourselves after the Christmas break and blow the cobwebs and mince pies away. The course was from the Head start to Harrods and a superb entry of all the major clubs and universities from the Thames Valley in attendance.

Overall it was a reasonably successful day with a few pennants and a few near misses. The Senior Men’s 1st 8 had a pleasing result in 3rd place, just behind UL and Oxford Brookes, and just edging ahead of two Imperial college crews, with Molesey, Upper Thames, London and Scullers all behind. A promising start to the new year but much can change in 2 months and with another 7 minutes of rowing still to go!

The 2nd 8 finished 10th overall, sandwiched between St. Paul’s and Brookes II which is a solid start and with a few players missing. The 3rd 8 was 25th and the 4th 41st, both encouraging results given limited water time. However, the real story of the day was the Novice Men winning their pennant! A superb result, backed up by their coach, Gavin Kerr, also winning in a TRC/Tyrian composite in Masters C. The Novice Women just missed out on a pennant but two in one day would have just been greedy.

A win for the Women’s IM3 8 was also good to see, winning their category by a good margin and beating a number of senior crews, but the two Senior crews both showed there is work to be done.

Next up is a fixture for the women v CUWBC then Reading Head for all.

Congratulations to the two winning crews:

Cox Heather Mac
8 Dave Almond
7 Stephen Bennett
6 Matt Fletcher
5 Skye Landon
4 Alistair Poolman
3 Pierre Coiffard
2 Francois de Vinols
1 Edo Omic

Cox Marie le Page
8 Anne Menard
7 Hannah Luck
6 Alice Williams
5 Emma Dwyer
4 Ellie Fielding
3 Ellie Garrat
2 Sally Hodgson
1 Claire Birchenough