Quintin Head 2019

Quintin Head this year gave us a biting cold tailwind and a whole load of third places in a positive start to 2019.

The men’s 1st 8 finished third overall and third in the open champ category, behind Molesey and Imperial College, with the 2nd 8 eighth in champ and ninth overall.

The women’s 1st 8 were third in the women’s champ category, behind Cambridge University and University of London. This made them the fastest women’s club crew, winning the new Marston Prize.

The women’s 2nd 8 were third in women’s senior and the ninth fastest women’s crew.

The men’s 3rd 8 were third in open senior, behind Molesey and the Oxford University lightweights. Meanwhile the women’s 3rd 8 had a solid row to finish eighth in the competitive women’s intermediate category.

The men’s masters C crew also finished third, while the women’s masters crew were the second-fastest women’s masters boat on time but finished third once handicaps had been applied.