Remenham Challenge 2018

A total of 12 Thames crews took to a cold and choppy Tideway before Christmas to contest the Remenham Challenge. With 68 crews racing from across the seven founding clubs and Wadham College, it was a competitive day with good results.

The men’s 3rd 8 (pictured) won the Intermediate pennant and were 4th overall, behind overall winners Molesey and the Thames 1st and 2nd 8s. The men’s 4th 8 were a good 11th and the men’s development 8 finished an excellent 5th in the intermediate category.

The women’s 1st 8 were the second fastest women’s crew, only 5 seconds behind Molesey, with the women’s 2nd 8 2nd in women’s intermediate (also behind Molesey). The women’s 3rd 8 were 6th in the category, just behind Vesta’s 2nd 8, and the women’s 4th 8 8th.

The men’s masters C crew had a good race too, the fastest of five in that age group although unable to take the overall masters pennant. The women’s masters crew were the 2nd fastest women’s masters boat, but Kingston took the pennant.